The NEWLED Consortium at SPIE Photonics West 2016 (13 - 18 February)
Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016
The NEWLED Consortium attended the Photonics West 2016 Conference on 13 - 18 February at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, United States. Each of the attendees disseminated the NEWLED Results, including: AlGaInP red-emitting light emitting diode under extremely high pulsed pumping; & Correlation between p-GaN growth environment with electrical and optical properties of blue LEDs.

Attendees list:
- Edik Rafailov and Amit Yadav (ASTON)
- Thomas Slight (CSTG)
- Axel Hoffman (TUB)
- Sergey Karpov (STR)
- Jesus Zuniga Perez (CNRS-CRHEA)
- Maxim Korytov (CNRS-CEMES)
- Mircea Guina & Jair Lyytikainen (TUT)
- Nikolay Ledentsov & Vitaly Shchukin (VIS)