9th NEWLED Consortium Meeting
Thursday, Jun 30, 2016
The 9th NEWLED Consortium Meeting is planned to take place at the IOFFE Physico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Consortium have been processing multiple samples that OSRAM (blue and green LEDs), TUT (red LEDs) and IOFFE (di-chromatic blue/cyan LEDs) have been sent through. The update on the benchmarking of hybrid and multi-chip approach was also discussed highlighting CRI of 98 and efficacy of 200 lm/W achieved in the project.

The Consortium continue to work on achieving the Project Goals/Objective and still has a number of meeting to overcome.
Edik Rafailov ASTON
Ksenia Fedorova ASTON
Andrei Gorodetsky ASTON
Axel Hoffmann TUB
Matthias Auf der Maur ROMA
Daniele Barettin ROMA
Andrei Tsatsulnikov IOFFE
Wsevolod Lundin IOFFE
Alexey Sakharov IOFFE
Andrei Aladov IOFFE
Grigorii Sokolovskii IOFFE
Maxim Korytov CNRS – CEMES
Nikolay Cherkashin CNRS – CEMES
Vitaly Shchukin VIS
Mike Leszczynski TOPGAN
Thomas Slight CSTG
Sergey Karpov STR
Rolandas Tomasiunas VUFC