NEWLED - 6th Newsletter
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015
Entering it's last year, NEWLED is progressing constantly towards it's objectives. In October, a second workshop - focused on III-nitride LED growth - was organised by NEWLED, including lectures from experts internal and external to the project. Scientific efforts during the last months have been devoted in particular to the optimisation and understanding of monolithic dual-wavelength LEDs, showing among other that a combination of blue/cyan provides superior performance compared to blue/green. Detailed structural studies of multi quantum wells by high resolution methods like HRTEM have been continued in order to correlate structural properties to both growth parameters and electrical and optical properties. Both sophisticated optical measurements and theoretical simulations using atomistic models are being currently used for understanding the details of the relevant recombination mechanisms and their
dependency on device structure and on compositional alloy profiles and fluctuations.

Currently, LEDs from all growth approaches are entering the chip processing stage, which will allow to assess LED efficiency for different technologies at all stages of the process, from wafer level to final packaged LED.

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