NEWLED - 7th Newsletter
Friday, Apr 29, 2016
The NEWLED project is heading towards its end, with the last six months of work ahead to finish all tasks in action. Despite some delays, all partners are constantly progressing towards the final project goals. Gathering and detailed evaluation of LED performance from different partners and technologies, from wafer to fully processed and packaged LED chips, has been started, and life time testing is ongoing.

Recent work included detailed determination of recombination coefficients in III-nitride devices by a novel time-resolved measurement technique, which overcomes difficulties in the established approaches. Research on red/amber LEDs has been concentrating on growth of InGaAlP-based structures along high-index crystal directions in order to
reduce losses by electron leakage. Structural characterization by HRTEM is constantly accompanying epitaxial growth. Current theoretical studies are concerning quantum dot based LEDs, carrier localization in InGaN materials, and additional loss channels like surface carrier recombination. Packaging, optical characterisation and benchmarking are important ongoing tasks of this last months of NEWLED.

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