M Squared Lasers - Niche Applications
Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017
M Squared Laser (SME) developed niche applications for the project outputs in non-SSL application of the LED technologies including, the NEWLED – Demonstrator Panel, which has been boxed up in a standardized ½ 19” rack mountable module. This standard chassis and packaging is used across M Squared’s electronic control range. A recent development, in the final stages of NEWLED, has been the launch of a web-store for stand-alone laboratory and test instrumentation. The new web-site ( hosts a range of electronic instrumentation, including drivers, temperature controllers, timing and waveform generators and will eventually host a variety of diagnostic devices. The range of modules is complemented by the addition of a multichannel LED driver, which will find use in laboratories for off-the-shelf low-noise LED driver applications.